A possible date for dropping c++03 support

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A possible date for dropping c++03 support

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Please, let's not derail the discussion just after some consensus has emerged and just before it actually produces
actionable items. Let's not make the better the enemy of the good here.

I made the suggestion to commonly drop c++03 support in the hope that it would actually lead to some code
and reduced coupling between the boost libraries - even if only in their implementation (if someone wanted to do a real
c++14 reboot of their library, no one is/was stopping them anyway).

From the survey, Id' say interest in actually applying c++11 features in libraries that a currently supporting 03 is
relatively low, but big enough that I believe this will actually lead to some changes other than just changing the
test settings.
That is with a standard almost universally supported by compilers in use today. Even though the move from 11 to 14 is
much less
dramatic, c++14 support is less wide spread and outside of the big three, there are many compilers where even the most
version doesn't support c++14, so I just don't see people that are currently maintaining c++03 support in their
libraries suddenly
starting to use c++14.

All this doesn't preclude a discussion about if and when to move to c++14 or a general policy about LTS versions and the
but please keep it separate unless you are really, really confident it will lead to something actionable earlier than
is currently proposed.
I have lots of Ideas, how boost could be reformed and/or modernized but in the end it comes down to convince the
library maintainers to actually do something. I think the current proposal will at least spark some action. Let
to move to cmake be a warning sign about realistic expectations about the evolution of boost. Maybe I'm aiming too low,
again, if you want more, please open a separate thread and most likely, whatever you come up with there will not be
exclusive with what is proposed here.

Regarding the test settings: If c++11 is supposed to be the lowest official supported version then that is what should
be tested
Anything else doesn't make sense (you can't claim to support c++11 if you don't test if it actually works there). In any
as was mentioned before, for announcement itself we don't need give any specifics about something that is going to
happen 1-1,5
years from now. How about something like " c++03 mode/compilation will no longer be tested / part off the general

Best Michael

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